Class Organisation

Here at Dhekelia Primary School our pupil numbers can be variable and therefore our class structure changes year on year.   

Foundation Stage Team 

Our Foundation Stage is split into 4 classes at this point in the year. We currently have 2 Foundation Stage 1 classes (Nursery) and two Foundation Stage 2 classes (Reception). Our Foundation Stage Leader is Mrs Gillian Powell. All of our Foundation Stage classes are supported by Learning Support Assistants (LSAs).

Key Stage 1 Team

Key Stage 1 refers to all children in Years 1 and 2. Our Key Stage 1 Leader is Miss Thea Stavrou, Year 1/2 teacher.

Key Stage 2 Team
Key Stage 2 refers to all children in Years 3,4,5 and 6. Our Key Stage 2 Leader is Miss Tracey Toole, Year 3/4 teacher.

Every year the children decide on a class name based on our overall school theme. This year our theme is the sea.  Our 2014/15 class structure is as follows:

Year Group



Foundation Stage 1


Mrs Powell

Foundation Stage 1


Miss Schofield

Foundation Stage 2


Miss Tarpey

Foundation Stage 2


Mrs Tidman

Year 1/2


Ms Georgiou

Year 1/2


Miss Stavrou

Year 1/2


Mr Stokoe

Year 3/4


Miss Lowe

Year 3/4


Miss Toole

Year 5 Tarantula Mrs Tidmarsh  

Year 6


Mrs KIng



Inclusion Team

Our inclusion team is led by Mrs Anna Vrahimi, Assistant Headteacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). Mrs Vrahimi is supported by two Learning Support Assistants working across the school. In addition to our own school based staff we work closely with the team from Pupil and Family Services (P&FS).

If you have any concerns about your child throughout their time at Dhekelia Primary School your first port of call should always be the class teacher in the first instance; however if you feel your concern needs to be shared with the wider team please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation Stage or Key Stage Leader or any member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Senior Leadership Team 

Acting Headteacher – Mrs Corinna Sutton

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs Anna Vrahimi


The Office Team

Office Manager and Secretary – Mrs Maria Rose Trifonos

Admission and System Manager – Mrs Boyd

Home Liaison – Mrs Lotty Dunbar

Budget clerk – Mrs Mindi Gill