Dabaso Primary School


Supporting the other 'DPS'



Here at Dhekelia Primary School in Cyprus we are keen to help our children to become active citizens and our six core values; respect, responsibility, independence, achievement, compassion and happiness reflect what is important to our school.  It is because we want to give our pupils the opportunity to uphold and demonstrate these values that we have chosen to support Dabaso Primary School in Kenya, or the 'other' DPS as we are now referring to it.  It was important to us that we chose a school that we could develop real and meaningful links with and Dabaso fitted the bill perfectly for several reasons; firstly because pupils from our local secondary school  get the opportunity to visit the school and secondly because, thanks to Ann and Graham Lawrence, the school can come alive for our pupils with regular updates, photographs and film clips.   


How have we become involved so far?


The pupils of Dhekelia Primary School kindly donated items of stationery rather than the usual food parcels at our recent Harvest festival held at St Barnabas Church, which will shortly be sent to Kenya.  This first project has given every child the opportunity to contribute by either donating a new pack of pens or pencils or a single item such as a rubber or sharpener.   In addition to the donations we also plan to send the pupils of Dabaso a photo story to introduce our school and our pupils.   

Our school council (who recently met with Ann and Graham Lawrence) will actively seek to find ways to promote Dabaso Primary School and raise additional funds over the coming year to support their peers in Kenya. 


If you would like to find out more about the Dabaso School charity please visit the website below: 



Click on the PDF document below to view a letter to Dhekelia Primary School from Ann and Graham Lawrence (08.10.12)