Governance Committee


What is the DPS Governance Committee?

Every SCE school has a School Governance Committee (SGC). Amongst other things, the SGC plays an increasingly important role in monitoring and supporting the work of the school and in particular the work of the Headteacher.   The SGC is keen to attract people in the Service community who can bring energy, experience and fresh ideas. Those who would make very good members of the SGC might be put off because they think they need to be an expert. Not so - interest, enthusiasm and commitment are much more important. As with governors in the UK, members of the DPS SGC bring a wealth of experience and interests from many walks of life. SGC members work closely with the school to help make good decisions and secure the best possible education for the children. If you've never thought of putting yourself forward, but believe schools should give children the best start, please contact me.
What Does DPS SGC Do?
The SGC is a team of people who work closely with the Headteacher to help make key decisions vital to the successful running of the school. The SGC contributes to decisions that directly affect the education and well-being of the children. It plays an important role in improving standards throughout the school and in monitoring the school's budget. The SGC meets once every school term. Parents who do not feel satisfied with the school's performance should always discuss the issue with the relevant teacher and if necessary the Headteacher. However the Chair of the SGC is always prepared to listen to parents if every other avenue has been exhausted.  The Chair of the SGC is currently:
Lt Col Kevin Grantham
Commander Dhekelia Station
Chair of DPS SGC
94120 4207 or 4200