Leaving Dhekelia Primary School


Is it time for you and your family to move on?

Part of being in an SCE school is saying goodbye and we all know that this can be a very busy time for families.  The points below are designed to help make leaving school a little easier.  

1. Remember that it is your responsibility to let us know that your child is leaving. You need to pop in and fill out a simple form. 

2. Make sure you give us as much notice as possible.  Our teachers will prepare a report and give your child time to complete their own leavers booklet but we need time to do this!  

3..  If you are moving to UK most local authorities or schools will ask you to complete an admission form which needs to be signed by our Headteacher before you leave.  Make sure you find out the admissions process for the area you are moving to as soon as possible. 

4. Every move is different and your child/ren may need a little more help to prepare themselves for change.  You could use our 'On the Move' pupil booklet at the bottom of this page.  This booklet has been designed to help guide your conversations at home about this next period of change.  

5.  Talk to us!  If you have any specific concerns or would like further advice please do not hesitate to contact our Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Vrahimi or our Headteacher, Mrs Thomas.  

6.  Why not check our top tips for leaving and arriving which can be found below.