Moving On Pupil Booklet

Dear Parents,

This booklet has been created to help your child prepare for their move to Dhekelia Primary School in Cyprus. The activities in this book have been designed to be very open ended, there is no wrong or right way to complete this booklet, the most important part is the discussions you have with your child.  
As child who grew up in SCE schools myself, I appreciate that moving on is something normal which your child may have had plenty of previous experience of; however you should bear in mind that every move is different! Every child prepares for and copes with change in different ways and this will be affected by many factors for example; their age, their friendship groups and current social relationships and their proximity to extended family.  
There is no wrong or right time to begin discussing a future move with your child; again this will depend on their age and their ability to cope with change. As parents you will be best placed to decide when you want to begin the conversations but my recommendation would be that you do not do this too early; it is important for your child to successfully complete their experience in their current school and talking about the ‘next’ school too early can mean they start to disconnect too quickly.  
If you would like to find out more about preparing your child for change I would recommend that you explore the mobility toolkit which can be found on the SCE website under ‘projects’ or alternatively by clicking here. 
I hope you find this booklet useful. If your child wishes to bring it into school when they arrive at Dhekelia Primary we would love to share it with them. 
Mrs Rachel Thomas