Our last inspection was in February 2014.  

Ofsted said that this is a good school in all areas because:

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (FS1 and FS2) develop their knowledge and basic skills well. They are confident and keen to learn.

Pupils’ achieve well because they make good progress. Pupils who have been at the school for a year or more make particularly good progress.

An above-average proportion of pupils attain the standards in reading, writing and mathematics expected for their age by the end of Year 6.

Teaching is usually good with some that is outstanding and, as a result, all groups of pupils achieve well.

Behaviour and safety are good. Pupils work and play well together in a safe and secure environment. The positive attitudes they bring to lessons enhances their learning.

The headteacher provides inspirational leadership. Expectations of pupils and staff are high and this is why the school has improved rapidly since the previous inspection.

The school governance committee is effective in holding the senior leadership team to account for the quality of teaching and pupils’ performance.

Ofsted told us that in order to improve further we need to focus on the development of mathematics.  They have recommended that we do this by:

  • ensuring that teachers identify pupils' misconceptions quickly during lessons and take immediate steps to address them.
  • having appropriate resources available to support pupils' learning during lessons.
  •  Ensuring that teachers and teaching assistants use correct mathematical language in order to develop pupils' understanding and promote mathematical thinking.


They also recommended that we develop the effectiveness of subject leaders by:

  • Making sure that actions taken following a review of pupils' progress have clear and specific targets that relate to the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils are expected to acquire.

To read the full February 2014 Ofsted report click here.