Our School

DPS sits at the heart of the Dhekelia military community. Its site is centrally located within the garrison along with other early years provisions. Its current roll is between 205 - 220 children.

DPS is located a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea. Most children take the short bus journey from the on camp quartering areas to and from school.

School starts at 07.25 for children in Foundation Stage 2(Reception) and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and 7:20 for our Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6) children.  School finishes at at 13:00 for our Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) and Key Stage 1 children and 13:05 for our Key Stage 2 children. There are no school dinners, instead we short fruit and 'brunch' breaks break up the intensive school day. Total lesson time is the same as UK but the early start is made to reduce the heat factor. Many families find that they are able to have quality daily family time in the afternoon as the station working times match the school day. Furthermore, the weather is so mild in the winter that children can play safely outside for 95% of the year.

The school Nursery (Foundation 1) is available free for all our 3 – 4 year olds. They are entitled to a place the term after they become 3 years old. Their school day is from 07.25 until 10.25.

Facilities and resources at DPS are extremely good. The school benefits from access to a full sized astroturf soccer pitch which it uses for playtimes and many PE activities. There are designated ICT, Special Needs, Music and Art rooms. There is a spacious Hall/Gym used for PE, assemblies and many high quality children’s performances.

All teaching areas have interactive “smart” white boards. They also benefit from air conditioning in the summer months.

The school provides swimming lessons in the summer months in the garrison pool. It also has excellent links with the garrison units and local Cypriot community. These links provide many rich opportunities for learning such as, “A day in the Army”, “Sport’s Try Out” involving specialist sports like horse riding, squash, wall climbing and golf, also partner activities with garrison personnel and Cypriot schools. There never seems a week that goes by without some exciting learning opportunity being offered. You’ll get a flavour of this browsing around the photos in our website.

On the Station itself there are many opportunities such as Junior Youth Club, Sharks swimming club, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Rainbows and St John’s ambulance training.

Older children make extended trips to learn canoeing, rock climbing and snorkelling skills or discover the exciting ancient history and environment of Cyprus.

Class sizes are usually good by UK standards and each class has a full time designated teacher assistant. Special needs support is given via the special needs teacher, class support groups, specialist teacher assistants and where needed, outside agency support.

Please contact CEAS on 00 44 1980 618244, if your child is identified with special needs to ensure his/her needs can be met in Cyprus.

We are really proud of the education we offer, please browse around the website to discover more about us.